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Do you love watching Man v Food challenges, big competitive eating contests, AND do you also enjoy exercising & nutrition? How can Randy Santel eat a 7lb burrito, 5lb burger, 35 huge tacos, a 16-scoop ice cream sundae, and drink over 1 full gallon of thick milkshake, and still maintain a very fit physique, great health, and low cholesterol while eating like that almost every week? I would like to personally welcome you to, the totally revolutionary website of Randy Santel, an experienced professional eater & bodybuilder. Randy has won over 204 food challenges in 22 different states, and was a top 5 finalist in a national casting call contest to be on the hit Travel Channel TV show Man v Food Nation. Just recently, Randy was featured in an episode of Truck Stop USA on the Travel Channel becoming the first person to beat The Big 70 Challenge!! Click here to see a preview of the episode!! Also, 4 years ago, Randy was the winner of his first big national competition, the BIG 2010 Men's Health / Spartacus Body Transformation Challenge & he got to appear on the world-wide hit TV series Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena!! Click to see photos!! :)

This site is for EVERYBODY, whether you are wanting to lose weight, get toned, or just get healthier. If you have been wanting to try a food challenge or eating contest, you will find out how Randy trains for all of his food challenges & competitive eating events so that you yourself can try one too... AND WIN!! All of these tips are priceless!!

Randy also includes tips for every type of food challenge so that you can make the best strategy to DOMINATE the competition... and FOOD!! Along with everything you could possibly want to know about the food challenge world, Randy Santel includes information about how he diets & exercises to maintain his lean figure while doing his challenges & contests. He even shares what he did to win the Spartacus Challenge!! Have you ever seen all of this information together in one place?? But this site is not just all about learning... it's for entertainment too!! This is the website that Man vs Food lovers dream about, and that dream has finally come true!! Randy films and produces videos of each & every food challenge that he wins, so feel free to watch all of them!! You won't be disappointed!!

Congratulations on making the 1st step to being a much better competitive eater, bodybuilder, or just happier & healthier person. Randy Santel has gone through a lot of ups & downs, and shares his experiences and knowledge throughout this site. Hopefully you just ate!! If you are not hungry now, you will be in about 10 minutes ;)

My Newest Challenge Videos!!

The Balense Reus Burger Challenge
@ Broodjeshoek in Balen, Belgium

The Whammy Burger Challenge
@ Burgers & Blues in Ridgeland, Mississippi

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