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(NOTE: This article is meant to help people with existing YouTube channels and/or Facebook pages, and is not intended to help someone create a new channel or social media account in order to upload their video. If you need help creating a gmail account and channel, you will need to seek advice from one of the many resources available through a simple Google/Yahoo/Bing search.)

One of the many purposes for creating this "challenge" was to allow all the smaller food-oriented YouTube channels to indirectly collaborate with me, without actually having to be with me in person. When I first started uploading videos for real and got truly serious about everything, I knew upfront that the "mom and pop" restaurant challenge videos I was creating would never get as many views as they would if I was using the much more popular "fast food" chain restaurants. Millions of people around the world search for videos involving McDonald's, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Burger King, and all the other big-time chain restaurants. It's a fact that very few people know of and search for videos involving their local "mom and pop" restaurants. Now that we have over 260,000 subscribers and I am far enough along in my career to a point where I can begin really focusing on growing our channel and brand, we can now introduce this collaboration I've been wanting to get going for many years now.

Right now the "10,000 Calorie Challenge" is popular and so are "Cheat Day" and "Cheat Meal" related videos. Searching for fast food challenges and related videos will always be popular, but in order to maximize the effectiveness of this collaboration so that more people search for and see our videos, and also want to join in, we really need to focus in on a few selected keywords and highly searched phrases. These are the main ones that we need to concentrate on:

1) "Fast Food Challenge"
2) "Value Menu Challenge"
3) "Dollar Menu Challenge"

"Fast Food" is a bit too broad right now and focusing too much on that will decrease our impact because we are very overpowered by bigger channels in regards to YouTube's algorithm that decides which videos show up when a user searches for a particular word or phrase. "$20 Value Menu Challenge" will also be a phrase that we will own as well. For each individual challenge we will also be sure to factor in the restaurant used so that we can take advantage of those search opportunities too. Let's take McDonald's for example which is popular around the world. The search terms for a McDonald's video would be:

1) "McDonalds Challenge"
2) "McDonalds Menu Challenge"
3) "McDonalds Value Menu"

If you choose to try the $20 Taco Bell Value Menu Challenge or Burger King Challenge, you would just use "Taco Bell" or "Burger King" in place of "McDonalds." Subway, Wendy's, and all the other fast food restaurants would work the same way. As stated in the OFFICIAL RULES, to enter you must upload a video to either YouTube or Facebook, or both if you really want to maximize your exposure. You are welcome to post it anywhere else too such as on Vimeo if you use that platform, but YouTube is certainly the #1 recommended platform for this collaboration. Please use these tips when you post your video to maximize exposure and Search Engine Optimization:

Uploading to YouTube

What you are basically doing is creating a "response video" since you are in a sense responding to my original video by taking that particular challenge you have chosen to attempt. YouTube eliminated the old "response video" options that were available a few years ago, but that really is no big deal at all. Once you have completed your challenge and uploaded the video, you are welcome to comment on my original video and include the link, asking people to check out your video. Every so often I will go through my videos and make sure none of the comments have been hidden by YouTube's spam filters. I will also try to include the video links of all the challenge winners in our video descriptions. If you aren't aware already, the most important factors that influence the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value of your video are the TITLE, TAGS, and THUMBNAIL photo. Here are some quick tips you should incorporate:
1) Video Title - As shown above in the example, you are welcome to begin your video's title just like we will be titling our videos. Our goal is to take advantage of the important search terms and keywords. It would be wise to separate yourself though by adding your name or channel name to the ending, as also shown above. The more keywords you add to your title, the more you dilute them all and reduce their significance, so don't make your title too unnecessarily long. Some terms should just be included in the tags.

2) Video Tags - The tags included in the example above feature all 6 key terms and phrases that we mentioned earlier. A few others have been added as well that will help make sure your video shows up as "recommended" or as a "similar" video that shows up when people search for the related search terms. You can add others as well, but the ones shown up above get you off to a great and effective start.

3) Video Description and Thumbnail - The description is not too important in regards to SEO value, but you may want to describe what you are doing to help viewers who aren't already familiar with the $20 Value Menu Challenge. You are welcome to add a link to our original video as well. As you hopefully already know, the thumbnail is very important and a good photo advertising the video will really help increase the number of views that your video gets. It is not recommended that you just rely on one of the three options that YouTube creates for you. Create an eye-catching image that you know would make you want to click and watch it if you were a typical viewer, browsing around for something interesting to watch.

Uploading to Facebook

Uploading your video to your personal Facebook account is 100 times quicker and easier than uploading it to YouTube, but be aware that the only people who will really be able to view and watch it are the people you are friends with. People are not able to find your Facebook video via a Google search, or at least not yet. If you operate a "fan/business page" rather than just a personal page, you do have the ability to title, tag, describe, and add a thumbnail for your video, but the SEO effectiveness is only for Facebook users, and it is not searchable via the world wide web. If you are only uploading your video to Facebook (totally acceptable), I will not be able to find it or see it unless we are "friends," so you will need to contact me and send me the link if we are not "friends" already. This option was mostly put in place to incorporate the people who are more "private" but still want to attempt a challenge and support this collaboration.

Regardless of how and where you upload your video, be sure to share the links via your social media!! As stated via our OFFICIAL RULES, we will be embedding all the winning YouTube videos on our WALL OF FAME page!! Please note that Facebook videos cannot be embedded. If you are only submitting a Facebook video but still want to be listed on our WALL OF FAME page, be sure to let me know and I will add your name to the specific section on our page. You are welcome to share that page as well once we get your name and/or video added!! Thanks everyone for your support and interest in participating!! Also keep in mind that you can try and win as many challenges as you'd like, but you can only win one sweet t-shirt. If you have a specific question or need some help, please contact me.


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