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Randy SantelCurrently, there are two big purposes for Atlas & Zeus Promotions. The first reason is to promote restaurants and their food challenges. Food challenges are A LOT more popular in the United States today, mostly thanks to the show Man v Food on the Travel Channel. Before the show became popular, there were very few restaurant challenges around. Now they are everywhere!! Restaurants are using them as gimmicks for advertising trying to bring in customers and to earn more revenue. The problem is that most restaurants don't realize that challenges can be good for more than just a little advertising. They don't put much thought into the challenge, and put more emphasis on just the fun of having one. With the right size, taste, marketing plan, and appeal (prizes), food challenges can actually help make money for the restaurant. It is a fact that the success of a restaurant's food challenge depends directly on how much effort & work that the restaurant puts into having the challenge. For tips on increasing your revenue, please click here.

Restaurants think that people will try to eat 5 to 7 lbs of food and thousands of unhealthy calories, all for just a nice free meal and sometimes a cool t-shirt. Really? That does not make much sense to me either. When the challenge starts, about 5 or 6 people try the challenge and don't come close, and then the challenge just fizzles out, and 1 or 2 people per month continue to try the challenge, until the restaurant decides to take it off the menu because nobody will try it. In addition, the food is terrible because the cooks rarely get a chance to cook the meal and never get any practice preparing it.

Well that's where Atlas & Zeus Promotions comes in!! As a rough estimate about 10-25 people in the entire nation actually do challenges for fun, and have actually won multiple challenges. Most people quit after 2 or 3. There is only 1 other person in the country that has won as many (or more) challenges as I have. His name is Naader "Freak8r" Reda, a man from California. Click for his blog.

I can come in and do your challenge!! We can make it into an event to attract customers & even media so that we can get your restaurant out & promoted to the public!! Also, we can sit down & figure out how to make your challenge better, more profitable, and more popular for people to attempt. In addition, I will film the challenge & produce a video so that it can be seen by people all over the world on YouTube, & especially potential customers near you.

The possiblilites are endless, and I am attracting more fans everyday, which just increases the restaurants exposure. Contact me today & we can set something up! If Man v Food has not come to your restaurant already, I'm sorry but they are not coming. But Randy Santel and Atlas & Zeus Promotions can, & can actually win!!

Randy SantelThe other really main purpose of Atlas & Zeus Promotions is to promote great health & fitness. Health, fitness, and nutrition is a big multi-billion dollar industry here in the United States. Millions of people each year begin diet and exercise programs trying to get healthy & lose weight, yet the obesity rate in the United States continues to rise. As a man that used to weigh almost 350lbs, I know a little about dieting, exercising, and losing weight. Add to that the fact that I won a national body transformation contest, and then add to that the fact that I have won over 100 food challenges while eating thousands of calories at a time, and still manage to maintain a great physique and good health!! How is this possible? It takes a lot of very hard work & dedication to do what I do!! Check out my pages about Fitness, Nutrition, and my Fitness & Nutrition Advice for more info. 

In addition to helping people get healthy & lose weight, I want to promote companies and services that promote health & fitness. I can promote fitness gyms, supplement companies, exercise products, nutrition products and anything else you can think of. Those companies can advertise on my website, signs & posters that I publish, and I can promote them at my events and in many other ways. The sky is the limit, and I have no competition!! Contact me today to promote your product!! You definitely won't be sorry :)


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