Randy On Man V Food Nation??

It's not whether you get knocked down. It's whether you get back up. - Vince Lombardi


Man v FoodMan vs Food!! Man vs Food!! Today, food challenges are A LOT more popular, mostly thanks to the Travel Channel show Man v Food. The show lasted 3 seasons and visited cities all throughout the USA. It was the Travel Channel's most popular show, and made millions of people all over the nation & world aware that food challenges exist. The host Adam Richman would go to 2 restaurants that really represented the areas most delicious food, and then he would go to a 3rd restaurant to take on a food challenge. He finished the 3 seasons with a record of 37-22, with most of his victories coming from spicy challenges and smaller 3-5 pound food challenges. Why the show really ended is very debatable, and will most likely remain unknown. Man v Food then evolved into Man v Food Nation, a spin-off of Man v Food in which other people would be doing the food challenges, and Adam Richman would be coaching the eaters through it all. To promote the show, they held a HUGE casting call contest.

Randy knew that this was his opportunity to shine, and to get on his 2nd TV show. Contestants were required to submit a 2 minute video telling who they are, where they are from, why they belong on Man v Food Nation, and they were to name a challenge that he or she wanted to do on the show. The winner of the contest would have Man v Food Nation come to his or her town to film an entire episode. Thousands of entries were submitted from all over the nation. Randy was very confident about his chances, and submitted a perfect video telling why. Randy then received a call saying that his video was selected as one of the top 5 videos, and that it would be out for national voting from August 1st through the 11th.

Randy gave the contest his all, promoting the hell out of his video during that entire period. He appeared in over 15 different media outlets throughout Kansas City!! The restaurant that he chose, Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill, promoted the video like crazy too, even setting up a station in the busy restaurant so that fans could vote. Sadly, Randy found out that he was not selected as the winner of the contest. He would not reach his goal of being featured on Man v Food, and Man v Food Nation would not be coming to Kansas City :(

That did not knock Randy Santel out though!! It knocked him down, but he got back up even hungrier to work harder to achieve his goals!! Randy appeared in an episode of the hit Travel Channel show Truck Stop USA becoming the 1st person to beat The Big 70 Challenge. Randy also appeared in one more episode that season, winning a big BBQ eating contest that was held at Midway Truck Stop & Travel Plaza!! Make sure to also watch MY BIG BROTHER VIDEO!! :)

Randy Santel's MvF Nation Casting Call Contest Video!!


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