The Creation Story Of A&Z

Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. - Confucius (One of my favorite quotes!!)


Randy Santel Pointersaurus Atlas ZeusWhat is A&Z Promotions? And how did it start? Those will be the questions answered in this section. From January 11th to March 12th in 2010, Randy competed in the Men's Health Spartacus Challenge. He spent 2 full months eating a boring, strict diet of lean meats & vegetables, along with always working out twice per day. He did not do this contest alone though... he had help from his great college friend Dan Graham. Dan did not actually compete in the contest because it was a transformation contest, and he was already lean. It was a LONG 2 months for both of them, and they decided to celebrate by eating a 28" 11lb pizza in St. Louis, Missouri called The Pointersaurus. The two things they lacked were definitely not appetites & desire. They were a cool uniform and AWESOME eating nicknames!! Before the trip to St. Louis, Randy found two shirts at a clothing store that were perfect... the "These Aren't Guns, They're Cannons!!" shirt which Randy still wears today for each & every food challenge. Then Dan had the great idea to tear the shirt sleeves off & write their old MSU college football numbers on the back with their names... PERFECT!!
Randy Santel Atlas Zeus
The uniform issue was solved, so now they just needed nicknames. This just happened to be around the time that Jersey Shore was popular, right after season 1 ended, before it got trashy. Randy & Dan spent hours trying to think of names as cool as "The Situation" & it just was not possible, haha. Finally, Dan called up Randy and said "I got it!!", and that he wanted to be called ZEUS, taken from Greek mythology. Randy's eyes widened and immediately realized his titan spirit... he was to be named ATLAS!! Uniforms...Check! Awesome names... Check! Exactly 1 week after the diet ended, on March 19th, Randy and Dan, both with 6-packs (not beer!!), DOMINATED the huge pizza, winning $500!! Randy was then hooked. One month later, Randy and Dan met in Jefferson City, Missouri to take on the undefeated "The Haus" pizza at a place called Pizza Haus. Randy became the 1st person out of over 120 people to finish the 18"x18" huge pizza, winning $450!! That was Zeus' last food challenge, but he would not be forgotten. Randy decided to start a promotions company, & he called it Atlas & Zeus Promotions. He would promote restaurants, food challenges, health, & fitness all over the United States. His goal was to make a living eating & working out!! That is the creation story of Atlas & Zeus Promotions...


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