The Men's Health/Spartacus Transformation Challenge

Going From Flab To Fab, & From Fat To Fit In Just 2 Months...


Randy Santel SpartacusHow did Randy use "The Spartacus Workout" to become the 2010 Spartacus Challenge Winner and appear in the hit TV series Spartacus? Randy Santel moved to Overland Park, KS in December of 2009 so that he could be closer to his work. Also, he moved so that he could be in a 2 BR apartment, so that the second bedroom could be his new fitness center, his big "Sanctuary". During the moving process, he stumbled across an article advertising "The Spartacus Workout" along with a big body transformation contest called The Spartacus Challenge. The contest went 12 weeks, & was sponsored by Men's Health Magazine and the big television network Starz. The contest was to see who could undergo the best body transformation during the 12 weeks. Contestants were required to submit before & after photos, and the winner would receive a trip for 2 to Auckland, New Zealand, to spend a week on the set of Spartacus. The winner would receive the opportunity to be used as an extra in a training scene as one of the gladiators!! Randy knew this was his contest to win. The contest required complete dedication, and he knew this was the perfect time to do it, and to get RIPPED!! He had just moved to a new area where he did not have many friends, and he was single. When not working as an estimator, he was able to workout and research about nutrition & exercise so that his program could be more effective & efficient. He also got tips and helpful advice from his friend Dan Graham who also was getting RIPPED!!
Randy started the contest on January 11th, a month late. The contest ended on March 15th, so he had only 8 weeks left. For two straight months, he ate a very strict diet & avoided alcohol, and exercised 2-3 times per day, rarely taking days off. On March 12th, he took his final photos. Randy's motto has always been to "Go Big Or Go Home!!" Since the winner would receive a role as a gladiator, he bought a gladiator Halloween costume online for the photos. Also, he trained the final week just like bodybuilders do and he restricted his carbs. He was so serious about the contest that he even took water-pills for 3 days so that he could maximize definition and reduce bloating. Along with that, haha he did his first series of tanning sessions to increase the definition even more. Before the photos, he did a pump-up workout and rubbed on some baby oil. He submitted his final photos, and then waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, a few days before his birthday in June, he received an email stating that he had won the national contest and he beat out thousands of applicants. He & his buddy from high school, Zach Emnett, were flown to Auckland, New Zealand, to be on the set of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, the prequel to Spartacus: Blood & Sand. He got to meet all of the stars, and he even got to workout and train with the gladiators. Check out the video that Starz produced below...



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