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I would like to thank you for visiting!! I now focus 99% of my efforts and time on my new global venture, but I still use and get all emails that go through this website. If you have questions related to food challenges, your question is already answered in an article on, so please check the site out if you have not already. Please contact me for any reason listed below, and you can also email me about things related to Everything goes to the same spot. I appreciate your support :)

Contact me with any business inquiries:

• To eat/drink your food challenge
• To compete in your eating contest
• To be a coach or to help host your eating event 
• For help creating/developing a food challenge or eating contest
• Charity Event Ideas
• Motivational Speeches
• To advertise on
• For other advertising / sponsorship / promotions ideas
• Any Media Inquiry (TV show, radio, newspaper, magazine, etc.)
• I am interested in finding an agent. Contact me with ideas!!

You may also contact me if you have any  personal questions:

• Regarding food challenges
• About eating contests
• Related to fitness & nutrition
• Restaurant Recommendations
• To recommend a food challenge/contest near you
• You need help getting/staying motivated
• Any other questions that you have

I also greatly appreciate any feedback that you have:

• Any website errors that I need to fix
• What I can do to make my site better & more interesting
• Ways to make my YouTube videos better
• Let me know if there is a particular subject I should write about
• You are questioning any advice that I have given
• I would love to hear what & how my advice has helped you!!
• Any other possible feeback that you have, both good & bad!!

Contact me too about anything related to our $20 Value Menu Challenge that isn't already answered in the Challenge Rules!!

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