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Contact me with any business inquiries:

• To eat/drink your food challenge
• To compete in your eating contest
• To suggest a local food challenge near you
• To be a coach or to help host your eating event 
• For help creating/developing a food challenge or eating contest
• Charity Event Ideas and/or Motivational Speeches
• To advertise on
• For other advertising / sponsorship / promotions ideas
• Any Media Inquiry (TV show, radio, newspaper, magazine, etc.)

You may also contact me if you have any personal questions:

• Regarding food challenges
• About eating contests
• Related to fitness and nutrition
• You need help getting/staying motivated
• Any other questions that you have

I also greatly appreciate any feedback that you have:

• Any website errors that I need to fix
• What I can do to make my site better & more interesting
• Ways to make my YouTube videos better
• Let me know if there is a particular subject I should write about
• You are questioning any advice that I have given
• I would love to hear what & how my advice has helped you!!
• Any other possible feeback that you have, both good & bad!!

Contact me too about anything related to our $20 Value Menu Challenge that isn't already answered in the Challenge Rules!!

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