FC Leonidas Teddy Bears

What will you name yours??


Randy SantelI was finally able to locate the original supplier who created Leonidas, which you have probably seen in a majority of our videos and photos!! To find out the creation story behind Leonidas, be sure to CLICK HERE and watch our Q&A video where I discuss his origin. Now you can get your own FC teddy bear which is THE CUTEST!! Give one as a gift to your significant other, or your children who love watching our videos and have wanted one. Also get one for yourself!! Thanks for all support and all purchases come with an autographed photo for anyone in the family who wants one. Just be sure to contact me via email me at Randy@FoodChallenges.com and let me know the names of everyone who wants one. I will get your order shipped out as soon as I can :)

All packages will be shipped directly to you via USPS from Springfield, Missouri. I looked into multiple options and USPS was the cheapest route at this time. Shipping prices are exactly what USPS will charge to ship the package, plus or minus $0.25. Any questions, please contact me at Randy@FoodChallenges.com. I am only able to check my Facebook messages once or twice a week due to how many I've been getting lately, so emailing me will get a quicker response.

For All USA Customers

$20.00 / EA + $3.99 local shipping (USD)**

Canada & Mexico Customers

$20.00 / EA + $10.49 NA international shipping (USD)**

International Customers Outside North America

$20.00 / EA + $14.49 international shipping (USD)**

** If anyone accidentally orders via the incorrect button and requires a different shipping tier, your money will be refunded immediately and I will contact you directly to let you know why that happened.


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