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The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body is. The more efficient your body is, the better you feel and the more you will use your talents to produce outstanding results.


Randy Santel Spartacus Lucy LawlessThis section is LOADED with tips, secrets, and advice for ANYONE and EVERONE that is wanting to lose weight, burn fat, gain muscle, feel better, and / or simply live a much happier & healthier lifestyle!! If you search around on the internet for weight loss tips, diet secrets, health advice, or fat burning supplements, you will just find millions of articles and websites claiming that they have the answers to your weight loss problems. Do this and do that, and you will have that slim sexy body that you have always wanted. Most even claim that you will see results FAST!! Health and fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry, especially in the United States. Billions of dollars are spent by Americans each year on nutrition supplements, personal trainers, weight loss counselors, special meal plans, fitness workout products, etc... Please keep in mind that I am not even referring to the billions of dollars that are spent each year on health care costs due to obesity & other health problems related to being overweight, inactive, or having terrible nutrition habits. "We’re the country that has more food to eat than any other country, and with more diets to keep us from eating it."

The reasons for all this money being spent on the health & fitness industry are extremely similar to the reasons that many Americans are facing a financial crisis. They are also very similar to the reasons why other countries around the world don't have a very high opinion of the American people. Here is a brief list of all of those reasons:

People are not informed - We spend years & years in school learning about math, science, and many other things that we will just forget a few years (sometimes even hours!!) later. We never really learn anything about health, fitness, or proper nutrition. Typically, very few parents spend A LOT of time teaching their kids about these things, which is fine though because they rarely know what they are talking about. Therefore, it is up to us as individuals to go & seek the correct information, and to also learn through trial & error by correcting our mistakes. Usually, this isn't a high priority.

People are misinformed - If you go to a gym, most of the people there (even some larger individuals) think they are health & fitness gurus. If you go to your local nutritional supplement store, the guy at the front desk is trained to make it sound like every single product you ask about is going to change your life for the better. There are millions of books, magazines, and online articles that claim their information is accurate and can get you the results you want. If you go into the grocery store, almost every single product is packaged & marketed to look like it's somewhat healthy for you & your family. If you go to a sporting goods store, the attendant will make it seem like you need all the equipment in the store. It is up to us as individuals to figure out what is correct & incorrect, which definitely takes some extra effort. (This follows along with the next problem.)

People love convenience - A lot of people don't like to cook, so they go out to eat more often than they eat at home. How often are those meals healthy? Some people feel they need a caffeinated drink in the morning to wake them up, so they go buy Starbucks. Is there anything actually healthy at Starbucks? Some people don't go to the gym that often because it's a little too far away and they feel it's inconvenient. Why diet & exercise if you can lose weight just by taking a few pills? Why lose 100lbs if you can just have an easy expensive surgery? Why take the time to make yourself a meal when you can just go get fast food or something else easy & ready to eat just how you like it? Why walk a mile when you can just get a cab? Why ride your bike when you can just drive your car? American people love & are willing to pay more money for convenience, and typically the most convenient options are not necessarily the most healthy choices. (This follows along with the next problem.)

PEOPLE ARE LAZY!! - For most people with weight & health problems, one of their biggest problems is that he or she is lazy when it comes to health & fitness. Why take the stairs when there is an elevator? Millions & millions of excuses are made each & every day by people for not eating right or working out. At the end of the day though, it's pure laziness. Nobody is too busy to get some type of exercise in each day. If you feel that you are too busy, you probably are just not very good with time management. At the same time too, nobody is too busy to eat some type of breakfast & some type of healthy lunch. Working out is not easy. If it is easy, then it's not a workout!! Starting an exercise program is the hardest part. After a few days though, if you are doing it right, everything starts to get a lot easier. Then after you see results, it starts to get even easier!!

Living a healthy lifestyle, eating right, & exercising don't have to cost a lot of money. Extra special meal plans and expensive gym memberships are not really necessary. You don't have to have a personal trainer or instructor every time that you workout. With health & fitness, you get out of it what you put into it. No special pill is going to change your life, but adapting a healthier lifestyle definitely can & will. To your body, a $200 special 40lb adjustable dumbbell is the same as a $.20 trash bag filled with 40lbs of water... it's 40lbs!! Just like in other areas of your life, a lot of little changes can add up to be way more significant than a few big changes. These little changes are the goal of this Fitness & Nutrition Advice section.

For this section, I have tried to include EVERYBODY from young teenagers just starting to workout all the way to older individuals just wanting to live healthier. Most of the pages deal with losing weight, but one even deals with guys wanting to gain weight!! Health and fitness is not just all about how much effort you put into it though. Some people try really hard and workout for hours almost everyday & even eat healthy, but they still don't see great results. One of my favorite sayings is to "Work smarter, not harder!!" Those people will see a lot better results if they change up their routine a little. Even tiny changes can yield BIG results. Also, other areas of your life have a big effect on your health & fitness too. Your relationships (the people you see almost everyday), and especially your significant other(s), have a much bigger role than you think. That is why I have included a great Dieting & Dating Advice page. Your faith plays a significant role too, so I have included a Focusing On Faith & Fitness page. Finally, a big part of maintaining a great fitness & nutrition regimen depends on how motivated you are to keep going strong. Therefore, I have included a Maintaining Motivation page and my favorite A Sexification?? page. You'll like that one, so check it out!!

Please start by clicking on the topic that you want to read about first. As you continue, you will find the additional links in the Main Menu on the left. Hopefully by reading a few of these sections (not all will apply), you will learn at least 3 things that can help you on your journey to becoming a much healthier & happier person :)

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