What Is A Sexification??


Randy Santel Spartacus SexificationThere are many terms used in the health & fitness world to decribe dieting & weight loss. The most widely used term for losing a lot of weight is that the person went through a body "transformation" and went from fat to fit. I even particpated & won the national 2010 Men's Health / Spartacus Body Transformation Challenge!! You can say you are going to transform your body. You can say that you are going to go on a diet. You can also tell yourself that you are going to lose a lot of weight. These terms all seemed very boring to me though and definitely not very fun to tell other people!! There is a reason that the first three letters of the word diet are DIE!! Nobody enjoys going on a diet, and nobody enjoys talking about going on a diet. Then one day I thought of a BRILLIANT term to perfectly describe what I was wanting to do to my body...

Back in 2009, I used to work for JE Dunn Construction and we got free lunch everyday. I was more excited about that than the good health & 401k benefits!! I was single & the youngest of all my coworkers by about 10 years, and many of them enjoyed sitting by me at lunch because my mouth did not have much of a sensor. I was talking about losing weight one day with a few people & my mouth started to run wild. I told one of the girls, "When I get done losing weight, I am gonna look so damn good, you won't even be able to call it a transformation." After pausing for a brief moment, I then continued, "You might as well call it a sexification!! I am not going to transform. I'm going to sexify!!" After that, most of the table started laughing pretty hard. Not me though... I had discovered my two new favorite words!! After that lunch, I went home & started thinking...

Try To Say It Without Smiling!!

Before my workout that evening, I stood in front of my big mirror and said the word "sexification" aloud. I immediately started smiling to myself and realized my definition for the word. A "sexification" is the process of transforming your body from something below average into something divine. It is the process of "sexifying" and becoming sexy. "Sexifying" means much more than just dieting or losing weight. If you only diet and don't exercise, especially for guys, you will lose a lot of weight eventually but your body's figure won't change much. You will just get skinnier. If your exercise consists only of walking and jogging, your body's figure still won't change much. I have seen this happen many times. A guy will lose over 50lbs by dieting and jogging, and he will feel a lot better & healthier. The guy looks great with clothes on!! Take those clothes off though, and he still has man-boobs & he still has no abs or arms. To get sexy, you must diet & do resistance training!! There's no other solution!!

If you want to look like a runner, then start running. If you want to look like a bodybuilder, lift weights. If you want to look like a couch potato, then sit on the couch watching TV or playing on the computer all day. If you have no desire to look like a toned bodybuilder, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Feel free to run all you want. A better option would be to swim though!! If you want to "sexify" your body, you need to lift weights or do resistance training!! Lifing free weights is not the only option though. You can do exercises that use your body as the weight such as pullups, dips, & pushups. You can do cardio & other circuits too, but they need to involve using resistance!! With the right diet & resistance training, you'll be able to "sexify" and get in the best shape of your life. SEXY!!

Don't Workout. Don't Diet. Sexify!!

Now that you know what a "sexification" is and what it means to "sexify" your body, try using those terms yourself!! Before you start your program, or even before your next workout, look into the mirror and tell yourself, "When I get done with all this working out & eating healthy, I am going to be so damn sexy that its not even funny!!" I am sure you remember the Saturday Night Live skit where Stuart Smalley looks into the mirror saying, "I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And doggone it, people like me." You have probably also seen my favorite scene in Cool Runnings where Yul Brenner makes Junior Bevill look into the mirror & say, "I see pride! I see power!! I see a bad-ass mother who don't take no crap off of nobody!!!" Well make something similar up for yourself to say before your workouts to get you motivated. I promise that It will work!!

In order for you to stick to a diet & exercise program, it needs to be fun & enjoyable. You need to be able to laugh about it, & not dread it!! You should be happy that you get to workout, and not be depressed that you have to!! Next time you are talking to somebody about losing weight, or when somebody asks if you are on a diet, tell them that you are "sexifying" and see what the reaction is. Most likely, the person or group will laugh and ask you what the hell you are talking about!! Feel free to explain what you mean. Tell them that you are in the process of getting sexy!! If anything, it's a fun conversation starter. A few weeks later after that lunch, I had people ask me how my "sexification" was going. With a huge smile, I was able to tell them it was going well. Try using the terms "sexification", "sexifying", and "sexify" to replace the evil words diet, workout, & exercise. It's not fun to say you are working out, but it is fun to say you are "sexifying!!" Haha just try it & see what happens :)

My Conclusion

The purpose of this page is basically to show you that you need to keep your workouts and diet positive & fun. Workouts are not supposed to be easy, but they are supposed to be fun & make you feel better about yourself afterwards!! Towards the end of the transformation contest that I won, my buddy Dan & I would joke that we should get community service hours for going to the pool, beach, or lakes that summer. We joked that we should get the service hours because we would be making all the ladies smile!! That was just one of the things that we joked about. The more fun you have doing & talking about something, the more likely you are to stick to it!!

Using the terms "sexification" & "sexifying" help to provide me with a lot of motivation when I'm trying to lose weight & get my abs back. The "sexy" state of mind also helps me to visualize what I will look like at the end of my program, which provides even more motivation. For other tips for getting & staying motivated, make sure you check out my Maintaining Motivation page along with the other pages in my Fitness & Nutrition Advice section. For even more information to help you "sexify" please check out my Fitness Training section along with my Nutrition & Diet section. Get fit & get sexy!! If you have any questions during your "sexification", just contact me :)


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