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Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. - Mahatma Gandhi


Randy Santel FitnessAs a man that used to weigh almost 350lbs that now maintains about 240lbs while being a professional eater, it's no secret that I workout. I did not get the body that I have through watching tv & playing video games. I started working out & exercising with my dad when I was thirteen. I played football as an offensive / defensive lineman through-out all of high school and college. During that entire time, especially in college, I had the help of my personal trainers and my strength & conditioning coaches. In addition to that, I have done countless hours of reading & research about health & fitness. I have read almost everything fitness related on both menshealth.com & muscleandfitness.com, and many other sources. When I won the big national 2010 Men's Health / Spartacus Transformation Challenge, I did that by myself, working out by myself in my own "Sanctuary" (the 2nd bedroom in my apartment), with some advice & help from my friend Dan Graham. If you are into fitness, you understand how much self-motivation, hard work, & discipline that it took to get those results in only 2 months. Even over 2 years later, I am still amazed!!

To add to that, I am now a professional eater, while fighting to maintain the body that I earned during my transformation. I've been asked this question hundreds of times, "Randy, how do you do it?" Well this section is going to answer the fitness side of that question. I have broken my training regimen down into 3 parts: how I trained during the 2010 contest period to cut all my fat, how I trained during my 2012 Sexification to lose 40lbs in only 10 weeks, & how I train now to maintain my weight and muscle. Please note that this is what I did & currently do. I am not recommending this exact regimen to anybody, because every person is different and has different goals. Please use this workout information as an example to help you think about your own personal fitness workouts & goals. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to help you. I hope that my experience significantly helps you on your journey towards living a much healthier, happier, & more fit life!! Please choose the fitness goal below that you want to read first:

Getting Ripped!! (During My 2010 Transformation Contest)

Getting Ripped Again!! (During My 2012 Sexification)

Staying Ripped!! (How I Train Now To Maintain My Weight)

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