Sexification 2012!! (Fitness)

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Randy Santel Sexification FitnessFor over 2 full years after winning the 2010 Spartacus Challenge, AND over 100 Man v Food Eating Challenges later, I managed to maintain the lean body that I had achieved during my famous 2010 Transformation!! I did what most people think is impossible, and won over 100 food challenges without really ever gaining much weight. During those 2 years, I was never even really on any strict diets for over 1 month, and just took a few short "eating challenge breaks" to let my body rest & recover. During the week when I wasn't doing any challenges or contests, I ate really healthy and worked out a lot which burned almost all of the calories that I was consuming on weekends. To find out how I was maintaining my weight, please read my Staying Ripped!! & Staying Lean!! pages. Those pages explain in detail the fitness & nutrition programs that I followed from March 2010 until May 2012, and they are very informative. During the months of May, June, & July in 2012 though, my eating got a little out of control ;)

The serious weight gain really started with my trip to Seattle, Washington. In only 3 full days, I beat 6 food challenges totalling 34lbs!! I know what you are probably thinking, but not 1 calorie from that epic weekend was "reversed" back up!! In addition, I probably drank about 50 beers because I was there for the weekend with a bunch of my friends from high school!! Haha my challenges included a 6lb burger & fries challenge, a 22" hot dog challenge, a 3 liter ramen challenge, a 72oz steak challenge, a 4.5lb burger & fries challenge, and a 6lb burrito challenge!! WOW!! I did not take a break after that though. The next weekend, I defeated an undefeated 6lb burger & fries challenge along with an undefeated 5lb pulled pork sandwich challenge. Then in late June, I had the biggest spree ever!!

In 8 straight days, I travelled through 4 different states, winning 8 BIG food challenges and 1 poutine eating contest. I beat 5 challenges in the Cleveland and Akron, Ohio area along with 1 challenge in Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee. I ate a total of 54lbs of food in 8 days. Not one of those challenges included anything considered healthy, and that number does not include any of the beers & barbecue that I consumed during the Memphis bachelor party at the end of the trip!! On a funny note though, that entire 8 day trip (minus bachelor party expenses) cost me only $96.43 due to a free flight to Cleveland and cash prizes that I won. Needless to say, my body absolutely hated me after this trip, and I knew it was time for a break. I did 2 "easier" challenges and then my sexification began!!

My Workout Schedule

With the proper knowledge, consistency, and dedication, dieting & weight loss really is not that difficult. The hardest part about losing weight is finding the time to do it!! Well this time around, I knew that I had all the time in the world. The concrete company that I had been working with for the previous 3 years decided to completely shut down at the beginning of March 2012. Therefore, I was looking for a job and not actually working, which freed up a lot more of my time to allow for more exercise. In addition to having more time, I had just joined an actual fitness gym. 68's Inside Sports which is 5 minutes from my house decided to become my gym sponsor!! 68's Inside Sports has a pool, indoor track, a lot of cardio machines, many fitness classes available, and all the weightlifting equipment that I could ever want to use, plus more!! I knew this would make exercising a lot easier than it was when I was just working out at my apartment back in 2010. Even in addition to that, I was living within walking distance from a high school that had a track & turf football practice field, which I could use for running sprints!! I knew this was the perfect time to go on a healthy diet & get RIPPED... again!! ;)

Obviously, as you know, I am not new to dieting & working out. For this "re-transformation" (sexification), I knew that I should have a similar schedule to what worked the first time back in 2010. I knew I had to really step my program up though because I was starting out over 23lbs heavier, at 271.6lbs, as opposed to the 248lbs that I started at back in 2010. In addition though, I wanted to be a lot more careful this time around because I severely over-trained my body last time, and felt really weak for months afterwards. I worked out too much, did not eat enough, and I did not sleep enough, which is a BAD combination!! I won the contest though, beating thousands of other contestants, so I guess all my effort was worth it!! This time though was not part of any contest, and just for my own health, so over-training was not an option. Success comes from learning from your past mistakes, and I definitely learned from all of mine. My Sexification 2012 fitness routine was slightly improved & different :)

Since I was not working at a real job, I did not have to worry about working out on a lunch break or any kind of schedule issues like that. I spent the entire time off "working for myself" and updating my entire website along with editing all of my remaining food challenge videos. Website work & video editing takes a lot of time & effort, way more than people realize!! Therefore, I still woke up around 6:30am to start working (Better than 5am though like in 2010!!). I made sure this time that I got around 7-8 full hours of sleep, so my bedtime was typically around 10:30pm. To find out what my diet was like during this time along with more information about my schedule, make sure to read my Getting Lean Again!! page. For now though, I will explain my fitness routine and the workouts that I did.

During the week, I decided to do my aerobic cardio in the mornings, and then do my anaerobic weightlifting & sprinting workouts later in the day. On Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday mornings, I went up and walked on the treadmill. On Tuesday & Friday mornings, I went up to the gym and swam laps. On Monday & Thursday evenings I did a weightlifting workout that focused on my chest & shoulders. On Tuesday & Friday evenings, I performed a workout that focused on my back & legs. On Wednesday & Saturday evenings, I did "Ab Ripper X" for my abs along with a good sprinting workout at the local track. On Saturday mornings at 9:30am, I did a boxing cardio fitness class at my gym, very similar to what I used to do at Title Boxing, but even better!! Then on Sunday mornings at 9:30am, I did a "spinning" group cycling class at my gym for my legs. I took the rest of Sunday off to prepare for a new productive week. As you can see, I was a busy man!! Now I will explain all my workouts in further detail :)

My Morning Workouts

As I stated above, I did my aerobic cardio workouts in the morning, typically around 11:00am. On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, I went up to 68's Inside Sports and walked on the treadmill for some steady cardio. Like back in 2010, I walked between 4.3 & 4.5 mph at a 5% or 6% incline. The human body does not react well to extreme changes, so you have to change gradually. The first 2 weeks, I just walked for 30 minutes each session. After that, I gradually increased the length every week, until I was walking for 55 minutes per session towards the end of my sexification. The last 3 weeks, I walked with a sweatshirt on, and I really sweated a lot!! To make my walking sessions even more productive, sometimes I walked with 2lb weights in each hand and did some arm movements every few minutes. I did not want to use heavier weights because I figured that might affect my weighlifting workouts later that evening. I did not jog because I did not want to affect my leg workouts, and because I don't want to look like a runner with little chicken legs!! ;)

On Tuesday & Friday mornings, I went up to 68's Inside Sports and swam laps. Like my walking workouts, I gradually increased my distance every other week. During the first 2 weeks, I just swam a 1/2 mile. By the end of my sexification, I was swimming a full 1 mile. I only swam three different strokes including breaststroke, freestyle, and elementary backstroke. These workouts took a little time, mostly because I have no form!! Haha they were great upper body cardio workouts though, and they let my legs rest so that was nice too. Swimming is definitely one of the best cardio exercises that you can do because it involves your entire body. Also, there is a lot of resistance involved, so it helps maintain muscle, which I need!! :)

On the Saturday mornings that I was home, I did a boxing cardio class up at 68's Inside Sports. The class was fairly similar to what I used to do at Title Boxing, but I liked this class a lot better. We warmed up for about 5 minutes, and then boxed for 25 minutes. Then we took a 15 minute break to do stations & abs. Then we finished up with 15 minutes of more boxing. I was definitely tired after those workouts, and they were small classes so the instructors worked us even harder!! If you have a chance to try a class, DO IT!!

On the Sunday mornings that I was home, I did a "spinning" group cycling class up at 68's Inside Sports which lasted about 1 hour. Before starting at my gym, I had never done a group cycling class before. I really enjoyed them!! I like the extra motivation that comes with working out with a group. The instructor is loud and the bikes easily accomodate taller individuals, so everything worked out great!! I have not owned a bike since college, so my legs definitely got a workout that they were not used to, which is always great!! :)

My Evening Workouts

Now it's time to talk about my most important workouts which were my anaerobic weightlifting workouts!! In 2010 when I did my first transformation, I only had a few weights and I worked out by myself at my apartment. Now I had a membership to an awesome gym right down the street with every type of weightlifting machine that I could ever want!! This allowed me to do just about anything!! With this in mind, I developed 2 new workout programs for me to do. I maintained the usual schedule from when I was maintaining (Staying Ripped!!), by focusing on my chest & shoulders on Mondays and Thursdays, and then focusing on my back & legs on Tuesdays and Fridays. To begin, this was my AWESOME chest & shoulders workout:

(1) Bench Press (Heavy Mondays - 6 x 6-8) (Thursdays - 6 x 10-12)
(2) Military Press (Heavy Mondays - 4 x 6-8) (Thursdays - 4 x 11)
(3) Inclined Bench (Heavy Mondays - 4 x 6-8) (Thursdays - 4 x 11)
(4) Superset of Pushups & Dumbbell Bench Press (3 total sets)
(5) Seated Dumbbell Military Press (4 x 10)
(6) Shoulder Circuit (3 sets with 15lb dumbbells)
(7) Explosive & Static "Clap Pushups" (2 sets at the end)

This workout took about an hour, and really worked my chest & shoulders!! Any muscles not tired by the end were completely exhausted by the explosive & static "clap pushups" at the end. I would get in a pushup position, lower my body down to a few inches off the floor, pause for 3 seconds, and then explode up, clapping my hands together at the top. I did 2 sets of this to complete my workout, usually doing 8 reps during the first set, and 4-5 during the second set. My last rep usually did not involve good form!! On days that I was really tired, I substituted that with doing sets of pushups on a stabilizer board which really worked my core and exhausted my chest muscles. Now I will explain my AMAZING legs & back workout:

(1) Squats (Heavy Tuesdays - 6 x 6-8) (Fridays - 6 x 10-12)
(2) Pullups (In between sets of squats) (4-6 reps)
(3) Bent-
Over Rows (I used a machine) (5 x 11)
(4) Leg Extensions (I used a machine) (5 x 15)
(5) Seated Lat-Pulldowns (I used a machine) (4 x 12)
(6) Leg Hamstring Curls (I used a machine) (5 x 11)
(7) Deadlifts (5 sets of 5) (not too heavy)
(8) Inverted Pullups (3 sets of 10) (Hold for 1 sec at top)

This workout also took about an hour. If you read the workouts that I did on my Staying Ripped!! page, you probably noticed that these workouts are not too totally different. My legs & back workout was pretty different though because I was able to use a lot more different equipment at the gym. Before joining the gym, my hamstrings never got much of a workout. They definitely cried the first few times that I used the leg curl machine!! You may have also noticed that I took out all simple upper body lifts. When trying to lose weight & burn fat, I don't focus on biceps or triceps. They get worked during my main complex lifts that burn more calories. My triceps got used during just about every lift in my chest & shoulders workout, and my biceps were used during pullups and most of my back exercises. The main purpose was to work my muscles & burn fat, not necessarily to build a lot of muscle. Complex lifts burn the most calories because they involve multiple fat-burning muscles!! :)

On Wednesday evenings and on the Saturday nights that I was home, I had a great abs & sprints workout. To start, I did the "Ab Ripper X" ab routine from P90X that you read about on my Getting Ripped!! page which took about 15 minutes. That really worked my core and hip flexors!! Right after that, I jogged down to the local high school track and did an interval sprints workout. I also did this back in 2010 during my first transformation. After warming up, I sprinted 110yds full speed, and then walked briskly back to the starting line while my body cooled down. I then repeated this process until I was done and my legs felt like jello. I usually did between 10-14, depending on how I felt that night. I typically did less on Saturdays because I was sore from my long gruelling weeks!! Sprints also work your abdominal muscles, so my abs AND legs were always sore the next day. Every Thursday I always tweeted... "Thank God today is not leg day!!" ;)

My Conclusion

I started my sexification on July 11th, 2012 weighing a heavy 271.6lbs. I ended my sexification on September 20th, 2012, weighing a slim & sexy 220.6lbs!! I lost 51 pounds in just 10 short weeks!! I was very, very proud of myself!! Back in 2010 during my first transformation, I lost 25lbs in just 8 weeks to win the contest!! I did even better this time!! Hopefully my story is inspirational to YOU!! :)

Please understand that this is not exactly the routine that I followed each & every week during my 10 week program!! Sometimes I did less, and sometimes I did even more!! I walked my girlfriend's dog 3-4 times per week for a mile or more, depending on the weather. Sometimes my girlfriend & I played tennis. Sometimes I just walked outside during the day with my shirt off trying to get tan!! Haha towards the end of this period, I changed up my workouts every now and then just to switch things up. I made up a few "crossfit style" workouts sometimes and other times I just did The Spartacus Workout. What I have written & explained above is just my basic routine so that you can get an idea of what I was doing to lose all the weight. If I would have done the same thing each & every week, it would have gotten boring. I had a lot of variety though with my routine, so that helped a lot. I walked, lifted, swam, biked, boxed, & lifted some more... how many other options are there in Kansas??

All of this working out was actually the easiest part of my sexification!! The hard part was avoiding food challenges and eating contests for 10 full weeks. The hardest part though was having to control myself & resist temptations during the weekends. Unlike in 2010, I had a girlfriend, & it seemed like we had a wedding or some other event to go to each & every weekend... sometimes even multiple events per weekend!! I am sure that you know what being at a wedding reception with an open bar is like. It definitely sucks when you can't enjoy it. Well it sucks even more when you are invited to both the rehearsal dinner AND the wedding reception, but you can't enjoy either of them!! Haha to find out more about my diet & nutrition program during this time period, please read my Getting Lean Again!! page. Remember diet is the main part of weight loss!!

Hopefully by reading this page along with my Getting Ripped!! page & my Staying Ripped!! page, you now know what kind of exercise program it takes to lose a lot of weight fast. If you put your faith in pills & supplements, please prepare to be disappointed. You may lose a little weight without exercising, but you will definitely gain it back after you are done. The most important thing is that you do SOMETHING!! You don't have to even do half of the things that I do. Just do something, whether that is walking, jogging, swimming, basic lifting, or whatever you enjoy doing. For even more fitness tips, check out my Fitness & Nutrition Advice section. If you have any questions or comments regarding anything that you have read, please contact me. I am always happy to help!! Experience means nothing if you don't pass it on & use it to help others!! Good luck with your fitness & weight loss program!! Hopefully I have helped!! :)


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