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I don't do things for money. I do things simply because I care, and that makes all the difference. - Randy Santel


In 2010 when I began doing food challenges, there was no website to go to for tips or advice about how to train for and strategize to win food challenges. In 2011 I created, but I always had a bigger dream and goal in mind. I took off from food challenges for 7 months in 2013 and moved to Omaha, Nebraska to sell roofs after a large hail storm so that I could raise the money to fund and everything that came with it. I spent 44 days in Europe last year building the last bit of experience that I needed to build and create the website. I signed the contract with the website developmnent company building the website on October 4, 2013. Almost 9 months, hudreds of labor hours, and over $20k later, is now here for the world to see. We officially went live on Monday, June 16th, 2014 at 9:00am CST on my mom's birthday. I sold my entire 2 bedroom apartment and everything in it at the end of last year and my parents let me temporarily move home so that I could work on the site without any expenses since I was not making money. The website would never have happened without them, so thank you to them. Please check out my dream and definitely browse around. I know you'll love it!!


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