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It did not take a pill to get you fat. Why would it take a pill to lose the fat? Supplements are meant to supplement a proper diet & exercise program. - Randy Santel


Nutrition SupplementsSports nutrition supplements in the USA is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Everybody is trying to maximize their muscle gains and weight loss as quickly as possible, and they are all turning towards taking sports supplements to help them out. Some people spend more on supplements than they do on actual food to eat!! Over the years, I have tried all kinds of new supplements from proteins to diet pills to weight gainers, and even things such as Fish Oil, CLA, L-Arginine, & Coleus Forskohlii. This page is to inform you of what I took both during the transformation contest, and what I take now as a professional eater. This is not me recommending what you should take. Hell I really don't even really know what worked for me and what did not!! The decision is completely up to you. Hopefully this information helps you as you decide what additional supplements you want to take to add to your proper diet & exercise program:

During The Spartacus Challenge

When I do things in my life, I go big or I stay home!! If I am not going to give 159% and go all out, I typically don't do it. I don't volunteer for a whole bunch of things and then do an okay mediocre job on everything. I focus on a few things, and do them well. That is how I live and that is what has gotten me to where I am today. I am not going to say that I am very smart, but dammit I always try really hard & heart (effort) dominates brains alone about 95% of the time.

When I decided that I was going to win (not just participate in) the Spartacus Challenge, I also decided that I was going to go all out and give everything I had. That's why I even bought a gladiator Halloween costume, tanned, splashed on some baby oil, rented a really nice camera, & did many other things for my final photos. I pretty much had figured out my diet & exercise programs, so I just had to figure out the supplements that I wanted to take. After a lot of research and help from my buddy Dan Graham, I figured out what all I was going to take. Some things were a little more expensive and some things were cheaper, but I knew I would never get a 2nd chance to do it over again!! Here is a list of what I took, & If you don't know what something is or what its for, click on it to find out:

Whey Protein- Quickly absorbed protein for after workouts
Casein Protein- Slowly absorbed protein for after workouts
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)- Fatty acid for weightloss
Fish Oil- Fatty acids great for cholesterol and heart
Green Tea- Stimulates fat-burning, metabolism, & energy
L-Arginine- Helps blood flow & delivering nutrients to cells
Multivitamin (For Men)- Over 32 vitamins & minerals!!
L-Carnitine- Great for heart, cholesterol, and testosterone
Coleus Forskohlii- Great for testosterone & fat-burning
Glucosamine & Chondroitin- Helps lubricate healthy joints
Ginkgo Biloba- Helps blood flow and brain functioning
Flaxseed Oil- Fatty acid great for heart & digestion
Melatonin- natural hormone that helps aid proper sleep
Hydroxycut- Fat-burner for weight loss & energy increase

Please note that these are just the supplements that I took while on my diet for the contest. These are definitely not the only things that I have ever taken. Dieting to lose weight and dieting to gain weight (muscle) are two totally different worlds, and it takes A LOT of strict dedication to do both at the same time. I definitely recommend that you try to either do one or the other, and not both. When dieting hard to lose a substantial amount of weight, you are not eating nearly as much as you were before. Therefore, you are not getting all of the vitamins, minerals, & nutrients that you were before, so it helps to supplement some of them. A lot of the things that you see above have nothing to do really with muscle other than the proteins.

The whey & casein proteins helped add protein to my diet for my muscles. Everything else mostly helped to make sure that my body was running at peak performance, even with the significant reduction in calories. If your body is lacking a vital nutrient, it will compensate for that, and therefore you will not be at peak performance levels, thus slowing down your metabolism. Plus, when your calories are lower, you typically don't have as much energy, so some of the supplements above helped to keep my body energized, especially with all the exercising that I was doing every single day.

On my diet, I was getting a lot less fats, so I supplemented my healthy fats with Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Fish Oil, and Flaxseed Oil. These fats helped my cardiovascular system along with many other body processes. The green tea contained caffeine and other things to help speed up my system & metabolism to provide more energy. The L-Arginine & Ginkgo Biloba helped increase my body's rate of bloodflow which helped to deliver the nutrients throughout my body and to my muscles. The multivitamin was simply to make sure that I was getting all the vitamins and minerals that I needed daily for my body. The L-Carnitine and Coleus Forskohlii naturally helped my testosterone levels which helped fat-burning, muscle development & recovery, & my metabolism which was vital.

Glucosamine & Chondroitin helped my knees, hips, and all my other joints to stay healthy & lubricated during all the exercising that I was doing. Melatonin is a naturally produced hormone that helped to make sure that I slept properly during the night so that my body was able to rest, recover, & restore itself. Finally, during the last 3 weeks, I took Hydroxycut which is a fat-burner. I figured that I had been on a hard diet for 5 weeks, and I did not want my body to "plateau" with only 3 weeks left. Therefore, I took Hydroxycut for the rest of the diet. Do fat-burners really work? I don't really know. Taking it definitely helped me to feel better & more confident about my diet though, so I guess that was worth it for that reason alone. The one thing that I do know though is that by the end of the diet, I was really tired of taking pills!! But I guess I did something right ;)

Supplements That I Take Now

By the time that I was done with my diet, I was so tired of taking pills that I totally quit taking everything all together other than my proteins for over a full month!! By doing this, it gave my body some time to "detox" so that it did not start relying on any supplements. If your body naturally produces a chemical or hormone, and you supplement that hormone/chemical so that your body has more of it, if you do it consistently long enough over a period of time your body will adapt to that and will stop producing that hormone/chemical, which is BAD!! That is how people get hooked on pain pills... If you take them for long enough, your body stops producing its own pain-killing chemicals. Then when you don't take the pills, your body has no way of relieving the pain. The way to fix this is by "detoxing."

Now as a professional eater, I focus more on my overall body health & digestive health than just my muscles and bodyfat. With all the working out that I still do, I obviously take all my proteins and stuff for muscle development, but I have dropped most of the other things. Like I was saying in my Staying Lean!! section, my diet focuses more on raw & non-processed foods. Cavemen did not really know what L-Carnitine, Coleus Foskohlii, & Ginkgo Biloba were. They got their Omega-3 fatty acids through eating fish, and not by taking fish oil. Its proven that if we eat a fully balanced and healthy diet, there really is no need for supplements most of the time. If we need a supplement, there is probably something that we can do nutritionally different so that we don't need the supplement. My supplement schedule now basically follows along the same lines as my diet. I do use a few new supplements, but these are to help counteract all of my weekend eating activities. Here is the new list:

Whey Protein- Quickly absorbed protein for after workouts
Casein Protein- Slowly absorbed protein for after workouts
Green Tea- Stimulates fat-burning, metabolism, & energy
Multivitamin (For Men)- Over 32 vitamins & minerals!!
Glucosamine & Chondroitin- Helps lubricate healthy joints
Probiotics- Bacteria that maintains great digestive health
Digestive Enzymes- Bacteria that help break-down food
Colon Cleanser- Laxative that helps clear the intestines ;)

There are a few supplements in that list that you saw before. The whey & casein proteins are for after my workouts to help with muscle growth & recovery. The green tea helps to stimulate my body, since I don't drink coffee. When not "working" and eating a lot, I am eating healthy and less calories. Therefore, I still take a multivitamin to make sure that I am getting all my vital nutrients so that my body maintains maximum performance. As a 6'5" male, my joints need to remain healthy as long as possible, so I still take Glucosamine & Chondroitin to keep them happy. Being a professional eater is not the healthiest profession in the world, so I take a few supplements to help keep my digestive system and body healthy.

Probiotics are the live bacteria throughout your intestines and body that help breakdown and move nutrients through the body. They help protect the lining and keep you healthy. Digestive Enzymes are the live bacteria that help initially breakdown your food when its consumed. Your teeth mechanically breakdown the food, and bacteria chemically breakdown the food the rest of the way so that it can be used properly by your body. The human body was not meant to digest thousands of calories at a time, and it was not even created to digest processed foods. Therefore, I take digestive enzymes to help breakdown all the food to make it easier on my digestive system. I take the probiotics to make sure that all that food gets pushed through and out my body properly & very quickly ;)

Finally, when I eat 6lbs of food, one of the first things that my body thinks about afterwards is getting rid of it. After a few hours of letting all the food digest, I take a colon cleansing supplement which contains fiber and laxatives to help push all the food through & out my body quickly. These three additional supplements help the most when I have to eat big burgers or steaks containing a lot of red meat which is one of the hardest foods for your body to digest naturally.

Unlike sports supplements, I can definitely tell that digestive supplements work, especially the digestive enzymes. I always feel A LOT better after challenges if I take the enzymes before eating. I definitely recommend those to anybody though. A lot of chronic illnesses are related to digestive health, and these help to keep your system strong & healthy. As an eater, I need good digestive health!!

My Conclusion

I was first introduced to proteins and supplements when I got to high school. I have taken many different ones in addition to what I listed above. The one thing that I have definitely never taken is steroids. If you thought that I have, lol you need to do A LOT more research than what I have told you about on this site. You are completely ignorant, because there is nothing about me that says steroids. To find out more about the other supplements that I have taken, especially during the year that I gained over 100lbs, check out my Fitness & Nutrition Advice section. I talk a little about supplements throughout those pages. Some are worth the money & some aren't...

The one thing that I want to stress is that supplements are called supplements for a reason. They are meant to be taken in addition to a proper diet & exercise program. Taking a fat-burning supplement is one thing (if you are over 18), but if you are depending on those pills to help you get the results that you want, congratulations for being one of the reasons that sports nutrition supplements is now a multi-billion dollar industry. You may get the results you want for now, but I promise that you won't keep the results with that LAZY attitude.

I can tell you that because I have been there & done that. I have lost over 30lbs at one time over ten different times in my life on different diet plans. The only true way to lose the weight and successfully keep it off is by changing your diet & nutrition habits. If my story has any affect on people, I hope it is that!! Please think this question to yourself... "If Randy Santel, a man that is 6'5" and used to weigh almost 350lbs, can maintain his lean body while eating multi-thousand calorie food challenges almost every weekend, can I myself lose weight & keep it off?" Hopefully you are thinking, "YES I CAN!!" Contact me with any questions. I will be happy to help!! :)


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