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Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory. - General George S. Patton


Tips For Food ChallengesThis section was once LOADED with tips, secrets, and advice for Man vs Food challenges so that you know how to win a food eating challenge!! All the old advice featured on this site was originally added in 2011. Since then, if you did not know already, I've spent over a year writing content articles and working on my new website. That great site features over 170 articles which contain tons more detailed information which is much more organized and easier to read compared to what I originally wrote on this page. So that nobody gets confused, I've taken down all the food challenge advice on and have provided links to easily find the updated and now fully complete information you are looking for on There are all kinds of tips for people interested in food challenges and competitive eating contests, and there are also tons of articles for any restaurant owners and promoters wanting to host a successful food challenge at their restaurant or other food related business. Please click which category of articles you are most interested in, and you will automatically be transferred to the specific archive of articles featured on Enjoy all the awesome features!!

Answering General Questions About Food Challenges & Competitive Eating

Food Challenges 101

Food Challenge & Eating Contest Tips

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Stomach Capacity Training For Eating Competitions

What To Do Before The Food Challenge

What To Do During The Food Challenge

What To Do After The Food Challenge (Recovery)

General Competitve Eating Contest Tips

Food Challenge Strategy Advice

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Strategies Per Food Challenge Type

Strategies For Specific Foods

For Promoters Wanting To Create, Market, And/Or Improve A Food Challenge

Entire PROMOTERS Articles Category Archive

Considering A Food Challenge

Creating A Food Challenge

Marketing A Food Challenge

Improving A Food Challenge

Thank you everyone for understanding the transition and checking out!! I know you will enjoy all the food challenge and competitive eating related tips and advice on along with all the other awesome features!! Win Before You Begin: Train. Strategize. Dominate!!


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