England Food Challenges

These are all the Man vs Food eating challenges in the country of England that Randy Santel has completed...

The FatBoy Bagel Sandwich Challenge
@ Bagel Boy in Bristol, England

The Hobgoblin's Kraken Burger Challenge
@ The Hobgoblin Bar & Grill in Bristol, England

The 12 Scoop Wicked Waffle Challenge
@ Wicked Waffle in Portsmouth, England (now closed)

The Mega Breakfast Challenge
@ Woodbridge Cafe in Guildford, England

MEATliquor's Triple Chilli Challenge
@ MEATliquor in London, England

The Big Daddy Burger Challenge
@ Blacks Burgers in Purley, London, England

The Terry Tucker Shepherd's Pie Challenge
@ The Pride Of Paddington Pub in London, England

The 7-Layer Gigantwich Challenge
@ Mangetout in Southend-on-Sea, England

The Wheelie Big Burger Challenge
@ Riders Cafe in Peterborough, England

The Big KO Breakfast Burger Challenge
@ KO's Sports Diner in Norwich, England

The Mr Big Burger Challenge
@ CRUST in Shirley, Birmingham, England

The 666 Breakfast Challenge
@ Jones' Cafe Bistro in Leicester, England

Big Dave's Breakfast Sandwich Challenge
@ Big Dave's Cafe in Bromsgrove, England

Amalfi's Metro Pizza Challenge
@ Amalfi Lounge in Darwen, England

The 6lb Cheesesteak Challenge
@ Liverpool One Bridewell in Liverpool, England

The 18" Cheeky Pizza Challenge
@ Morley Cheek's in Manchester, England

The Hibernator Breakfast Challenge
@ Bear Grills Cafe in Congleton, England

The "Almighty M" Breakfast Challenge
@ Mac's Cafe in Burton-upon-Trent, England

The Saddle Bar's 20" Pizza Challenge
@ The Saddle Bar & Grill in Twyford, England

The Duck Inn's Bangers & Mash Challenge
@ The Duck Inn in Redditch, England (Oakenshaw)

The Bailey's Cafe Breakfast Challenge
@ Bailey's Cafe in Barnsley, England

The Harry's Fish and Chips Challenge
@ Harry Ramsden's in Manchester, England

Cattlemen's 96oz Steak Eating Challenge
@ Cattlemen's Steakhouse in Harrogate, England

Smoke's Man vs Food Burger Challenge
@ Smoke Barbecue in Sheffield, England

The Great Bear Burger Challenge
@ The Bear On The Square in Millom, England

The Route 66 Burger Challenge
@ Route 66 Diner in Blackpool, England

The Burger Parlour Eating Challenge
@ Burger Parlour in Barrow-in-Furness, England

The Breaking Badass BBQ Challenge
@ Longhorns Barbecue in Newcastle, England

Sugarloaf's 10 in 10 Pancake Challenge
@ Sugarloaf Cafe in Whitley Bay, England

Aroma's 10 Scoop Ice Cream Challenge
@ Aroma Coffee Cafe in North Shields, England

Smokey's Monster Dog Challenge
@ Smokey's Joint in Walsall, England

The Double Pork Knuckle Challenge
@ Octoberfest Pub in London, England

The Olympic Burger Challenge
@ What's Cooking? in Liverpool, England

Amalia's 5lb Calzone Challenge
@ Amalia Italian Restaurant in Liverpool, England

The TV21 Challenge Burger
@ TV21 in Manchester, England

The Mega Burger Challenge
@ Carpe Diem in Leeds, England

The Carpe Diem Dessert Challenge
@ Carpe Diem in Leeds, England

Smokey's 7lb Monster Burger Challenge
@ Smokey's Joint in Walsall, England (UK)

The 7lb Grizzly Bear Burger Challenge
@ The Thirsty Bear in London, England (UK)

Goburrito's 6lb Titanic Burrito Challenge
@ Goburrito in Lancaster, England (UK)

Mission Burrito's Triple Burrito Challenge
@ Mission Burrito in Oxford, England

Warren's Beast Burger Challenge
@ Warren's Bar & Grill in Bristol, England

The Devastator Burger Challenge
@ Red Dog Saloon in London, England (UK)


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