Ireland Food Challenges

These are all the Man vs Food eating challenges in the country of Ireland that Randy Santel has completed...

Scotty's 5x5 Burger Challenge
@ Scotty's Steakhouse in Galway, Ireland

The "Mighty Murph" Burger Challenge
@ Murphy's Law in Athlone, Ireland

Spur's 64oz Steak Eating Challenge
@ Spur's Steakhouse in Dublin, Ireland

The XXL Goliath Breakfast Challenge
@ The Newton Cafe in Belfast, Northern Ireland

The 50 States Burger Challenge
@ Yankee Star Grillhouse in Coalisland, Northern Ireland

The Big Lad Burger Challenge
@ Build A Burger in Belfast, Northern Ireland

The World's Largest Breakfast Challenge
@ Hard Boiled Egg Cafe in Cavan, Ireland

The 40oz Burger Challenge
@ Nosh Cafe in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland

The Murphy's Law Breakfast Challenge
@ Murphy's Law in Athlone, Ireland

The 64oz Steak Challenge
@ Judge Roy Beans in Newbridge, Ireland

The Godfather Breakfast Challenge
@ Tony's Bistro in Cork, Ireland

The Monster Taco Chip Challenge
@ Robber Walls in Campile, Ireland

Revolution Pub's Mega Burger Challenge
@ Revolution Pub in Waterford, Ireland

The 22" Colosseum Pizza Challenge
@ Pizza Deck in Cookstown, Northern Ireland


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