Scotland Food Challenges

These are all the Man vs Food eating challenges in the country of Scotland that Randy Santel has completed...

The 92oz Man vs Steak Beast Challenge
@ Steak Restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland

Toni's Legendary 27" Pizza Challenge
@ Toni's Pizzeria in Glasgow, Scotland

Brooklyn Cafe's Giant Burger Challenge
@ Brooklyn Cafe in Glasgow, Scotland

Rascal's Poppa's Revenge Burger Challenge
@ Rascal's Bar in St Andrews, Scotland (REMATCH)

The 4lb Triple Burrito Challenge
@ Taco Mazama in Glasgow, Scotland

The Double Dirty Burger Challenge
@ The Ark Restaurant & Bar in Glasgow, Scotland

Mexigo's Big Badass Burrito Challenge
@ Mexigo Restaurant in St Andrews, Scotland

The Meat House 72oz Steak Challenge
@ Meat House Bar & Grill in Dundee, Scotland

The 40oz Meat Feast Challenge
@ Foxton's Bar & Grill in Glenrothes, Scotland

The Ark-Aos Burger Challenge
@ The Ark in Glasgow, Scotland

The Man vs Food Burger Challenge
@ The Kirkton Inn & Bar 30 in Carluke, Scotland

The Poppa's Revenge Burger Challenge
@ Rascal's Bar in St. Andrews, Scotland

The Ultimate Burger Challenge
@ City Cafe in Edinburgh, Scotland

Ad Lib's 4.5lb Monster Burger Challenge
@ Ad Lib in Glasgow, Scotland

The Empire State Burger Challenge
@ New York Kitchen in Glasgow, Scotland

The 5lb Bunker Buster Burger Challenge
@ Bunker Bar in Glasgow, Scotland


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