Randy's Nutrition Videos

The person with the strongest will power in the history of mankind is the person who created the first cookie. I would have never let the dough make it into the oven!! - Randy Santel

These are videos that I created for my Randy Santel Talks YouTube channel during my 2014 Eurosexification while losing all of the weight that I gained during my 29 food challenge 44 day tour through Europe at the end of 2013. These videos all help explain the importance of nutrition and diet while you are trying to lose weight. If you rely on working out & weight loss supplements without changing your nutrition habits, you will fail. FACT!! I hope you find these helpful :)

The Importance Of Water For Weight Loss

More Benefits From Drinking Water

The Importance Of Fiber For Weight Loss

Limit Your Calories From Drinks & Sauces

If You Take One Step Back, Run Forward!!

Exercising Doesn't Make You Lose Weight!!

Shape Your Body w/ Exercise While Dieting

Ask Yourself... Is It Worth It?

Tips For Staying Motivated

How To Tell You Are Losing Weight

Change Things Up To Avoid Plateaus



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