My New Store Is Available!!

Now you can get your own food challenge shirts and gear along with Randy Santel's A&Z shirts!! I'm very very excited for you all to see everything now available!! Thanks for all support!!

Randy Santel and, LLC have partnered with the company Spreadshirt so that everyone can now get their own food challenge gear & accessories along with eating related workout apparel!! Our store features items for everyone including men, women, children, and even baby toddlers!! Please click on which part of the store you are most interested in and you will be transferred to that particular section!! All proceeds from the store will go towards future food challenge trips and eating events!!

Please be sure to use the hashtags #feedthemovement, #ilifttoeat, #doyoueveneat, or #foodchallenges whenever you post photos of yourself wearing our gear and apparel, and we will be sure to share them on our social media platforms!! We greatly appreciate all help and support!!

Also be sure to use my favorite #winbeforeyoubegin :)

Men's Challenge Shirts & Workout Apparel
Randy Santel Online Store

Women's Shirts, Tanks, & Workout Apparel
Randy Santel Online Store

Kid's T-Shirts & Newborn Baby Clothes

Food Challenge Hats, Gear, & Accessories
Randy Santel Online Store


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