Sexification 2020 Videos

These are videos that my editor Arthur Davis and I produced during my 12-week break from food challenges to start off 2020, which I called Sexification 2020. The 12 weeks began on Monday, January 13th, and ended on Sunday, April 5th. The videos uploaded on consecutive Fridays during my break, and I covered a different topic regarding nutrition, fitness, and weight loss during each video, finishing by giving an update regarding my weight loss progress. Here are the videos in consecutive order so you check them out chronologically if interested, all in one spot!! Thanks for watching the videos and all your amazing support. I hope you find each video you watch to be beneficial and informative. 

Explaining Weight Loss Goal Achievement Using Bowling's Scoring System (Video #1)

Weight Loss Mindset Fundamentals to Be Conscious of From the Start (Video #2)

3 Healthy Dietary "Food Rules" Simplified Using Bowling Analogies (Video #3)

Randy Santel's Fitness Workout Regimen While Losing Weight (Video #4)

Randy Santel's Nutritious Diet Food Plan While Losing Weight (Video #5)

How Randy Santel Gained So Much Weight Professional Eating in 2019 (Video #6)

Why I'll Be Better Able to Manage My Weight Pro Eating in 2020 (Video #7)

Down 50+lbs After 8 Weeks!! 15 Rapid-Fire Questions and Answers!! (Video #8)

Weight Loss Plateaus Simplified Using Bowling Averages (Video #9)

Your Home Environment Must Help Achieve Your Physique Goals (Video #10)

Making Healthier Choices at Restaurants and While Traveling (Video #11)

Randy Santel's Weight Loss Results From 12-Week Sexification 2020!! (Video #12)


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