Illinois Food Challenges

These are all the Man vs Food eating challenges in the state of Illinois that Randy Santel has completed...

Pop's 32" Team Pizza Challenge
@ Pops Pizza in Quincy, Illinois

The Big ASS Team Chicken Lips Challenge
@ Chick's On The Square in Macomb, Illinois

The Monster Horseshoe Challenge
@ Carlinville Plaza Cafe in Carlinville, Illinois

Rudy's 5lb Skillet Challenger Burger
@ Rudy's Bar & Grille in Chicago, Illinois

Chubby's 2' Big Dog Challenge
@ Chubby's Bar & Grill in Macomb, Illinois

The 12 Scoop Ice Cream Overload Sundae
@ Dr Jazz Soda Fountain & Grille in Lebanon, Illinois

Lindy's 18 Scoop "Beast" Ice Cream Sundae
@ Lindy's Chili & Gertie's Ice Cream in Chicago, Illinois

The Belly Of The Beast Burger Challenge
@ Bully's BBQ Restaurant in Columbia, Illinois

Lucky's Sandwich Challenge (Man v. Food)
@ Lucky's Sandwich Company in Chicago, Illinois

Schiappa's 29" Pizza Challenge!!
@ Schiappa's Italian Restaurant in O'Fallon, Illinois

The 4lb Double Behemoth Burger Challenge
@ Urban Grille in Geneva, Illinois

The Triple-Double Poutine Challenge
@ BadHappy Poutine Shop in Chicago, Illinois

The Big Fat Ugly Sandwich Challenge
@ Fat Sandwich Company in Champaign, Illinois

The Big Joe Challenge (Huge Sloppy Joe)
@ The Red Bar in Collinsville, Illinois


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