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If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart before asking questions?


Randy SantelThis section is dedicated to answering any questions that people have for me, related to health & fitness or the big world of food challenges and competitive eating. There is a lot of information throughout my website, so most questions are already answered in one or more of my articles. If I have not answered a question though, I will answer it here!!

Q. What is the craziest thing that you have ever eaten?

A. In a contest for the TV show Truck Stop USA, I had to eat fried rocky mountain oysters (bull testicles). They were pretty good though (isn't everything good when fried?), so I would definitely eat them again!! You just have to get past knowing what they are ;)

Q. Will you ever video your own homemade food challenges?

A. You will never see me on YouTube eating weird stuff like sticks of butter and jars of peanut butter. I primarily focus on doing food challenges sponsored by restaurants. It's hard enough to burn off all those calories!! I only do eating contests for money, charity, and/or sometimes just for publicity. I don't video contests either, only my challenges. There is only 1 thing that I would do as a crazy self-challenge for YouTube views, and it has never been done before. If you are lucky, you may see me try it in the future!! Other than that idea, I have been wanting to do a self-challenge involving White Castle sliders or Jack-In-The-Box tacos. Those would be GREAT!! :)

Q. What is your goal for all this eating stuff that you are doing?

A. I have a Construction Management degree, but food, health, and fitness are what I love the most!! I know that I will not be able to eat like this forever, so I am hoping that I may be able to turn all this food eating into focusing more on health & fitness after I am all done. Also, I save all of my t-shirts, memorabilia, trophies, hats, newspaper articles, and everything else that I get during my challenges & contests. When I am all done, I would like to team up with a partner and start a restaurant & bar using all my stuff as decorations. That would be really unique, & we would definitely have food challenges!! I might even open "Club Atlas" next door!! ;)

For now though, I don't have many set goals. Nobody has ever tried to do what I am doing before. I don't have anybody to use as a "mentor" to learn from. I am wanting to get sponsors & I would definitely like an agent. I thought I had one interested, but he just quit contacting me one day. I am just doing "my thing" and seeing where it all goes. I figured that I would have more people interested by now, but Atlas & Zeus Promotions, LLC is still a 1-man show. I definitely want to get multiple food challenge wins in all 50 states!! I am open to just about anything. A documentary or show combining food challenges & fitness would be awesome!! Adam Richman quit doing food challenges, and there is still a HUGE interest in food challenges around the country, so hopefully a big network decides they need somebody else to step up to the plate!! Also, food challenges are becoming popular over in England & Europe. I am planning a trip to Europe later this year to do a few challenges, and maybe even spark some interest in a show. There are no BIG eaters over in Europe, so maybe they need a crazy American to fill the role.

I feel that if I set specific goals and focus on them, I may miss out on other big opportunities. I don't want that!! We'll see what happens!!

Q. What is your favorite type of food challenge to do?

A. That is a pretty tough question to answer. I love pizza challenges, Mexican food challenges, and dessert challenges like ice cream or milkshakes. My favorite type of food challenge though is huge partner challenges. I have done multiple 26", 28", and 30" pizza challenges where 2 people have to work together to finish a challenge. Challenges are more fun when other people are involved!!

Q. What is your favorite food to eat when not doing challenges?

A. Pizza!! I really enjoy any type of pizza... breakfast pizza, stuffed pizza, homemade pizza, calzones, dessert pizzas, and even simple regular pizzas. I enjoy thin crust pizza, thick crust pizza, Chicago style pizza, & New York style pizza. More toppings is always better!! Other than pizza, I love pork steaks, anything with buffalo sauce, & loaded specialty hot dogs!! My favorite dessert is gooey butter cake!!

Q. What challenges do you dislike doing the most?

A. That is easy!! I hate really spicy challenges!! I have done ghost peppers and the even hotter Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper, along with pure capsaicin. I have eaten spicy wings, chili, curry, and sandwiches. They suck!! The challenge is the easy part compared to what happens to your body afterwards. The next 24 hours are miserable if you keep the food down. I only do spicy challenges for money now. A free meal and t-shirt is not worth it to me!! Haha

To find out what I think about people doing food challenges while other people in the world are starving, AND whether I think that competitive eating promotes obesity, click here!! 

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